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Repair Shop Websites’ Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

December 4, 2018

From marketing to hiring to shop management, we covered plenty of topics in 2018.  Three of these topics, however, were far more popular than the rest.  Unsurprisingly, these three topics each have the potential to have a substantial impact on your auto repair shop in the coming months and years.

Three Ways to Enhance Your Waiting Room Experience

For a shop owner, it’s easy for a waiting room to look like a cost center.  It takes up space, eats electricity, and if you’ve got a great one, it encourages customers to hang around the shop and chat instead of leaving your employees to work on vehicles.

For many customers, however, a waiting room is the only part of your shop they truly understand.  They might not know much about brake pads and rotors, but based on the money and consideration you dedicate to the waiting area, they can judge the caliber of your shop, how much you care about your customers and how well you treat them.  With that in mind, here are three inexpensive ways to raise the perception of your auto repair shop’s waiting area.

What New Vehicle Technology Will You Be Repairing Five Years from Now?

There are plenty of reasons to care about what automotive technology is nearly ready for prime time.  New technology can provide more opportunities for repairs – or it can provide less.  You might need to budget for new equipment, or it might make your next tech even harder to find.  Whether the technology is good or bad for your shop, you’ll be better off if you’re prepared.  This post covers two technologies coming in the next few years, and one that isn’t.

Hiring Technicians – Three Great Tips from Shop Owners

Having to hire anyone isn’t a fun task in this economy.  When you’re an auto repair shop, however, it’s a whole different level of hard.  This blog post provides three tips that actual shop owners use to get the right person in their shop.  And don’t worry – we aren’t going to tell you to pay six figures or hire the elusive perfectly qualified master tech, because we know that’s unrealistic.

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