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Do Facebook Ads Make Sense For Your Auto Repair Shop?

September 27, 2017

We’ve discussed why Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing) are a bad idea for most independent repair shops.  However, we’ve also had several customers asking if Facebook ads make sense for their shop lately.

For big brands with big ad budgets, Facebook is one of the most popular places to put ads.  Brands want to be “a part of the conversation,” and an ever-increasing number of those conversations are happening on social media platforms like Facebook.  By investing in creative ad campaigns, funny videos and employees who can interact with customers throughout the day, large companies can make their brand names more valuable and keep sales high.


But do these ad platforms make sense for small businesses?  The good news is that Facebook ads are a bit cheaper than Google ads.  The bad news is that, unless you’re doing large jobs or high-margin jobs, Facebook probably still doesn’t make sense – and it’s definitely far more expensive than a search-engine optimized site.

According to online market resource MarketingProfs, the average Facebook automotive ad costs $2.24 every time someone clicks on it – one of the higher cost categories of advertising.  Unfortunately, only 5% of those ads “convert.”  That means the cost of one customer doing what the advertisement asks them to do (visiting your website, tapping the phone screen to call your shop, etc) is $43.

When you consider that not all of those customers will end up buying services from your shop, the cost for each new customer acquired through Facebook ads can easily exceed $100.  Automotive ads remain one of the worst cost-per-conversion rates of any Facebook advertisement – of 17 categories, they only perform better than Home Improvement and Technology.

So while it might make sense if you’re focused on replacing transmissions, if you’re advertising oil changes you might actually pay three times as much to get a customer in the shop as you would charge them to change their oil!  In rough numbers, you’d be spending $100 to get a $30 customer. For the time being, Facebook advertising doesn’t make sense for most auto repair shops.

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