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Motorists take care and prepare for Memorial Day travel

May 27, 2010

With the busy Memorial Day weekend looming ahead, AAA is getting ready for the stream of SOS calls from the 9.3 million stranded motorists expected to need their help. Stemming from their experience in busy holiday weekends, AAA offers a couple of suggestions to motorists to reduce the likelihood of them being stranded whether the journey is 2 miles or 200 miles.  Repair Shop Websites wants to pass this important notice on to all drivers as well!

First they suggest you have your vehicle serviced regularly. Second, find a quality repair shop and use them for all of your repair and maintenance needs. This establishes a relationship between you and your car technicians. They get to know your car and can recommend when your next maintenance service will be needed.

Although you can’t prevent all the issues that could leave you stranded when you’re away from home, AAA estimates that thousands of problems could have been prevented with proper maintenance. So save yourself some hassle and service your car regularly!

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