Instagram Is Now a Necessity for Auto Repair Shops

Jan 10, 2024

If your auto repair shop is currently not using Instagram, now is the time to do so. Instagram has updated their map functionality to make it easier for users to discover local businesses. Thinking about joining Instagram? Well now is the time to put your official Instagram account on the map!

example of Instagram map instagram for auto repair

Do Auto Repair Shops Need to Be on Instagram?

Managing multiple online accounts can feel like a hassle and adding Instagram to that list may feel unnecessary. Let me share some reasons why Instagram matters. A Google executive last year said, “In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

While auto repair shops are different from restaurants, if young people currently use Instagram to search for local restaurants, it will not be long before they turn to it to find local auto repair shops.

Also, as trends among young people become more popular, over time the not-so-young-people” will catch on to this trend too. And, if this age group becomes accustomed to searching for local businesses using Instagram, then they most likely will continue this habit as they grow older.

AnA Tire & Automotive on Instagram

Instagram User Statistics

Over time, it becomes more and more clear that social media platforms are continuously growing. Let me provide you with crucial demographic information that emphasizes the importance of leveraging Instagram for your business, especially in 2024.

  • 40% of Americans say they use Instagram (Over 133 million users)
  • 71% of those ages 18-29 use Instagram
  • 48% of those ages 30-49 use Instagram
  • 29% of those ages 50-64 use Instagram
  • 42% of those with incomes of $75k+ use Instagram

If your target audience falls within the user statistics mentioned above, leveraging Instagram becomes even more compelling. This is especially relevant if you are situated in a college town as it is already affecting you. Additionally, if your customer base includes individuals aged between 18-29, regardless of the market, this is currently impacting you.

How Do I Capture Instagram Users Searching for Auto Repair?


If you are already using Instagram

Switch to a professional account if you have not already. Make sure to fully complete your profile.


If you do not have an Instagram account

You first need to create a “Personal” Instagram account, then switch to a professional account using the steps above. For detailed instructions you can go to this web page and create a business account. Complete your profile and post some of your best photos.

The good news is that setting up an Instagram business account just takes a little bit of time and is free. Plus, you’ll be giving yourself an opportunity to bring in more customers. You have nothing to lose.


If you really want to leverage Instagram to engage your potential customer base, you can start posting. But if you don’t, at least you’ve done the minimum to make sure you are findable for those who use Instagram to search for auto repair services in your area.

Would you like help building out your Instagram profile and engaging your audience on Instagram? We can help you with our Social + package. Give us a call today at 855-294-6397 or schedule a meeting to see our approach in action!