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April 30th, 2019

X-Pert Automotive in Tuscon, Arizona is the shop to go to for all your vehicle needs! Their ASE mechanics have over 15 years experience on all makes and models of vehicles. They also have a mechanic in the shop that specializes in diesels.  The shop also specializes in drivablity, diagnostics, check engine light and suspension work. Come on down to the shop at 16400 N Oracle Rd in Tucson or call 520-818-1780 today!

Kwik Kar Lube & Tune | Best Auto Repair Shop in Nashville, TN

April 29th, 2019

Kwik Kar Lube & Tune knows that getting your car repaired or oil changed is likely not the way you prefer to spend your time. This is why they guarantee that your oil change service will be completed in 25 minutes or less or it’s FREE! They are also a full service repair facility to service all of your automotive needs including: brakes, suspension services, engine and transmission maintenance and repair, tune ups, and check engine light diagnostics. Consider this shop your dealership alternative located at 7000 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209. Call Thomas today at 615-353-1475 to schedule your service and be prepared to be impressed!

T & D Automotive in Easton, PA | Where Pride Still Matters

April 25th, 2019

Everyone knows them by their “quote board” out in front, but these fast and honest folks provide the best automotive maintenance and repair services in the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Locally owned and operated, T & D Automotive offers a free shuttle service and loaner cars to their customers. They stand by their 36 month/36,000 Mile Warranty, and honor most extended warranties and service contracts. They welcome commercial fleet companies as well! From check engine light diagnosis and oil changes to more complicated repairs such as brake jobs, heating and cooling repair, exhaust repair, and engine and transmission repair they’ve got you covered! Call 610-253-0212 to schedule your service, or drop by the shop located at 1400 S. 25th St, Easton, PA 18042 to check them out in person.

The Technicians You Need: Training and Developing Your Team

April 25th, 2019

Hiring technicians is the largest challenge many auto repair shops face. For most other shops, it will become their largest problem as soon as they lose an employee.  This is the third post in a three-part series on building a strategy to recruit, retain and elevate your technicians.  The first post, The Technicians You Need: Building Your Team, can be found here.  The second, The Technicians You Need: Keeping Your Team Together, can be found here.

If you’ve got a great team of employees, you’re already ahead of most shops.  There’s no drama between employees. You’re probably not dealing with bad repairs. Your customers aren’t being ignored or disrespected.

Unfortunately, none of this means that you’re necessarily profitable.

Profitability comes from efficiency, and efficiency comes from processes.  Designing, executing and measuring the results of your shop processes will help your employees improve the results of your shop every day they’re in the shop.

There are plenty of resources that detail how to build and measure results of the most common shop processes, including marketing, vehicle workflow and customer interaction.  There are a few processes that aren’t as obvious, but can save you in the long run.  Here are three of them.

Professional Development

It’s rare for most people to provide the same level of value to a shop year after year.  If they’re not growing their skillset, they’re growing less valuable every year.  Their skills are less relevant every time something changes in the world – and the world changes every day.  That’s why professional development shouldn’t be viewed as an event or an option, but a process that every employee engages in.

What is each employee’s role in the shop?  How will that role change in the coming years, and what are they doing to prepare for those changes?  How will things change in your shop, and are they equipped to handle any strategic business changes you’re planning to make?  Your professional development process is what keeps your employees providing more value to your shop each year, rather than less.


Think about each of your employees (including yourself, if you’re regularly in the shop).  Now ask the question, “If that person were unexpectedly out of the shop for two weeks, what challenges would we encounter?”

If that exercise got your heart racing, it’s time to implement cross-training.  Document all of the processes that have a single point of failure, and ask yourself who would be the best person to perform those tasks if an employee had to step out for an extended period of time.  This will reduce your stress, and make it more likely that your shop will weather an unexpected emergency affecting your key shop employees.

Customer Retention

Retaining a customer is many times cheaper than earning a new one.  Despite this, it’s easy to forget about a customer that isn’t in your shop and isn’t asking for your attention, especially on days when there are plenty of customers that are asking you for help.

Once the repair is complete, the clock starts ticking on how much you can impress that customer.  Did you contact them promptly?  Did you provide a thorough explanation of what you did, and what the charges are for on their receipt?  Did an employee ask if they had any questions, and try to answer them thoroughly? Did you ask unhappy customers what you can do to help make it right, and did you ask happy ones if they would provide an online review?

The process doesn’t end when they leave the shop, either.  Shops that send hand-written or hand-signed letters to new customers or customers who have had major repairs done are more likely to see those customers again.  And because you already have their vehicle information on record, those customers can be handled more efficiently and more profitably than new ones.  For every dollar you spend on implementing a customer retention process, you could save five or more dollars on ads or postcard campaigns designed to attract new customers.

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C & E Tire and Auto Service | Good Tires, Good Service, Good People

April 23rd, 2019

Over at C & E Tire and Auto Service in Largo, Florida, it means Good Tires, Good Service, Good People! Some of their services that they take pride in tires, alignments, engine repairs, transmissions, oil changes and much more. Come on by the shop at 11901 Indian Rocks Road or call 727-596-9551.

You’re in Good Hands With J M & H Automotive in Clovis, CA!

April 23rd, 2019

At J M & H Automotive, you receive comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services from ASE Certified Technicians such as brake repair, automotive diagnostics, preventive maintenance services, mechanical services, and heating and cooling services. They pride themselves in honest auto repair from friendly and knowledgeable technicians with integrity. Don’t ignore the warnings from your vehicle! Call 559-298-8922 to make an appointment, or drop by the shop located at 1576 Menlo Ave, Clovis, CA 93611 for all of your automotive needs today.

Hagen Automotive | A family-owned and operated repair shop providing reliable auto repair and diagnostic services since 2006

April 22nd, 2019

Hagen Automotive Inc is a family-owned and operated auto service company providing reliable auto repair and diagnostic services. Our ASE-certified mechanics can diagnose both foreign and domestic cars. We have experience servicing all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles, and we’re honored to keep vehicles throughout the Eden Prairie area reliable and well-maintained. Our skillful mechanics will take great care of your vehicle too, quickly diagnosing any problems and offering cost-effective solutions to get you back on the road. Stop by 7965 Wallace Rd. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or Call us today to schedule an appointment.

The Technicians You Need: Keeping Your Team Together

April 22nd, 2019

Hiring technicians is the largest challenge many auto repair shops face. For most other shops, it will become their largest problem as soon as they lose an employee.  This is the second post in a three-part series on building a strategy to recruit, retain and elevate your technicians.  The previous post, The Technicians You Need: Building Your Team, can be found here.

For an auto repair shop to have a good shot at remaining open five years from now, shop owners and managers need to be focused on retention.  Because of the difficulty of hiring qualified technicians, a high turnover rate will be difficult to weather while keeping bays and lifts busy enough to pay the bills.  And if technicians that are looking for jobs hear that turnover is a problem at your shop, they might not even consider working there.

Most shop owners aspire to more than merely keeping the shop open, however; they have goals they want to accomplish through their shop.  Some want to expand into a larger space, or open additional facilities.  Some want to provide a great work environment, along with good pay and benefits for their employees and for themselves.  Some want to improve the lives of citizens in the community.

Whatever your goals, a focus on retention can help make them a reality.  That’s because it’s impossible to focus on retention without focusing on hiring the best employees and giving them what they need to be successful.

Hiring the Best

As mentioned in the first post in this series, the best employees aren’t necessarily the ones with the most experience or technical knowledge.  The best employees are the ones that have integrity, a desire to succeed, and an innate desire to treat people well.

Integrity – The most important part of a top tier employee is that they have integrity.  There’s nothing you can do to train an adult that honesty is important; if they haven’t figured it out by now, they’re not going to figure it out.  Honest employees will appreciate an environment where they can trust their co-workers and their supervisors to be honest with them and treat them with respect.

Drive – When all your employees have a desire to succeed, they will push each other to meet goals, and they’ll be motivated by seeing those around them meet the goals.  If you can provide attainable goals and a rewarding work environment, they will push your shop forward every single day.

Customer Service – Unlike honesty, customer service can (and does) improve with training.  Much of it is about prioritization – there are so many things going on in a shop that it’s often difficult to stop and imagine how the customer feels about the process they are experiencing.  For customer service training to be successful, however, your employees must have an innate desire to please customers.  If they’re more inclined to focus on vehicles or process than the customers who are paying your shop, they’re unlikely to pick up on cues that the customer is unhappy until it’s too late.

Giving Employees What They Need

If you hire the right people, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time keeping them positive, goal-oriented and motivated by customer satisfaction.  You do have to spend time on your employees, however.  Good employees have professional goals, and they want the opportunity to learn new skills on the job. They also want time to train on new skills and keep up-to-date on modern vehicle repair.

Some of your employees may even have the desire to become a shop manager or owner themselves.  These are among your most valuable employees, because you can train them to step in when you’re sick, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable to manage the shop.  And whether you want to open additional locations, or you just want to retire one day, having someone in the shop who can step in and fill the shoes of a shop manager is one of the most important parts of any succession plan.

A retention plan doesn’t look much different than a successful shop business plan.  Hire the right kind of employees, and give them what they need to get to the next phase of their professional development.  Make sure that you’re taking advantage of their new-found skills to maximize the profit of your business.  And try to ensure that you have at least one person who is being mentored towards shop management, so they can step in when you can’t.  And when you do lose an employee, don’t get in a rush and hire a high-performing jerk.

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Jerry’s Truck and Auto Service | Excellent Service in Laredo TX

April 18th, 2019

Jerry’s Truck and Auto Service has been a staple of Laredo, TX since 1961 and handle all automotive repairs including: 4×4 Services, BrakesElectrical Diagnostic Services, Electronic Services, Engine & Transmission Services, Maintenance Services, Heating and Cooling Services, Tires, and Transmission Services. We are proud to help our customers get safely back on the road, stop in the shop at 508 E Calton Rd Laredo, TX 78041 or give us a call at 956-727-7786 to let us know how we can help you!

Kieler Service Center | Nothing Too Big, Nothing Too Small

April 18th, 2019

From fleet discounts to FREE wireless internet, we make every effort to provide you with affordable prices on all our services so you keep more of your money in your pocket. Whether you are broken down or need a place to rest, we are available 24 hours a day. Get 24 hour roadside assistance and stay at our truck stop, open 7 days a week, for your convenience. Give us a call at (608)568-7265 or stop by 3722 Contractor Lane, Kieler, WI 53812.