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Province Emissions Facility and Windsor Ontario Repair Shop

June 30th, 2010

At MSJ Automotive services, you will not only find excellent services for your car, you will also find outstanding customer service. Specializing in general car care , electronic, transmission, internal engine, heavy-duty, towing, and other miscellaneous services, MSJ Automotive Services offer you service you can count on at an unbeatable price! MSJ’s facility is a province certified emissions test and repair in Ontario.  Stop by today or call 519-972-7448.

Frame and Body Shop for Crossville, TN surrounding areas

June 29th, 2010

Being in an auto accident can ruin your whole day. Let Chan’s Frame and Body Shop make your day a little brighter by whipping your car back into shape so you can get back on the road quickly. With nearly 40 years servicing Crossville, TN and surrounding areas, they have the experience and certified technicians you need to get the job done right. Chan’s Frame and Body Shop: “We Meet by Accident”. Visit them today!

Fix a dent at Fix A Dent Plus! Wilmer, AL

June 29th, 2010

Fix A Dent Plus can’t fix your teeth, but they can replace your grill! Providing motorists in Wilmer, AL with quality body shop service for over 12 years, they can take care of all your auto body repair needs. From replacing headlights and hoods to repainting and custom painting your vehicle, Fix A Dent Plus can do it all! Make an appointment to get a free estimate!

Is your car in mint condition? Harahan LA auto repair

June 29th, 2010

Gene’s Automotive in Harahan, LA has been “Keeping Your Car in Mint Condition” for over 25 years. Backed by a 12 month, 12,000 mile parts and labor guarantee, you can be sure all of your automotive needs will be met with quality service. Give them a call today! 504-738-7077 or visit

Rich Nimeys Sales & Service in Utica

June 29th, 2010

Whether you need general auto maintenance, repair, or body work, Rich Nimey Sales & Service has got you covered in either shop location. With over 46 years of experience in the Utica, NY area, their ASE certified technicians are there to offer you quality work for a great price. Visit Rich Miney Sales & Service today!

S & S Custom Auto Body Located in Towanda PA

June 25th, 2010

If you are in  Towanda, PA and you are in need of custom auto body work, S&S Custom Auto Body can help you out!  Their experts will make your auto body work a breeze.  The shop is located on Liberty Corners Road and they have regular business hours so stop by.  Do you have insurance questions that you want answered before you take your vehicle into a shop?  Go here for some answers. 

Following Up with Customers at a Repair Service Shop

June 25th, 2010

Rhonda Hiltbrand of NWZ WORX writes, “I have the privilege from time-to-time to work with service advisors behind the counter.  It is interesting to see how easy so many of you make it look when I can see it is so involved.  To the customer, it looks easy!  They just come in and drop the keys off.  The service advisor calls and tells them the service needed and the cost involved.  They return and pick up their finished vehicle and pay.  End of story.  Seems so flawless and effortless.


The majority of you do an outstanding job, are great on the telephone as well as in person, always sounding so calm, pleasant and helpful. What the customer doesn’t see is the effort you have to put forth for every job. Finding the parts, pricing and ordering take time.  Most of you are a bit apprehensive when it comes to selling the big ticket jobs to the customer but usually do it well!  I think it is because you come across as ‘helping’ the customer, not just ‘servicing’ the customer. 


Why do customers turn down certain services?  I’ve seen this happen all over the country.  Why turn down a brake fluid flush but do all the other recommended services? Why refuse an air filter replacement? These are the kinds of things that make you go…hmmmmm. 


We can only surmise that the customers have to pick and choose the most pressing items because of budget restraints.  That is understandable.  The big question is…how to get that service accomplished and when? The items refused aren’t necessarily big ticket items…in fact…the majority of items customers seem to be turning down are inexpensive.  The fact that you recommended them means these services need to be done and sooner rather than later.


These unsold items mean the customers’ cars aren’t as safe as they could be and it also means your shop is losing out on dollars sold.  These small items add up to big dollars over time!  If you feel the service can truly wait until the next visit 3,000 miles or so down the road, that is fine.  Just make sure you note that the service was turned down and emphasize its importance when the customer comes in again.  If you feel it really needs to be dealt with sooner, a follow up call or an email reminder a couple of weeks after their initial visit is a good idea.   


You might also want to use visual aids.  Showing a customer a ‘dirty’ air filter and telling them what the filter’s purpose is may prove helpful.  Showing them what ‘clean’ fluid looks like as opposed to ‘dirty’ fluid might also give them a sense of urgency.  Should your parts supplier actually be running a special a few weeks later on the refused service/repair part let the customer know.  It may encourage them to take care of the situation sooner rather than later.”

Trustworthy repair in Belmont. Go to For Kids Auto.

June 24th, 2010

When you need automotive repair, look for a shop you can trust. With a commitment to excellent customer service, motorists in Belmont, NY have to look no further than For Kids Auto for all of their automotive repair and maintenance needs. The expert service and repair technicians at For Kids Auto have years of experience performing various repairs and maintenance services including oil changes, engine overhauls, and body shop painting. Visit them at 61 Greenwich Street or call and make an appointment 585-268-5161!

Auto Body Work in Long Beach, MS

June 24th, 2010

Have you been in an auto accident in the Long Beach, MS area? Bring your vehicle over to Percision Paint & Body where they’ve provided motorists with quality body repair for over 15 years! Their collision repair services include body and frame work, hard parts repair, paint, and windshield. They even offer 24 hour towing to their shop! Don’t hesitate—make an appointment today so you and your car can be back on the road without delay. “Make your decision Precision”!

Crumplers Automotive Service Center in Stedman

June 24th, 2010

Oh no! That service light is blinking again … What are you going to do? No worries; Crumplers Automotive Service Center in Stedman, NC has got you covered! With over 40 years of experience, their expert technicians offer a comprehensive list of repair and maintenance services. They can diagnose and fix the problem and have you back on the highway in no time. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment today and you can get free local pick up and delivery!