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Webinar – Building a Simple Marketing Strategy That Has a Big Impact

November 18, 2020

If you don’t have a documented marketing strategy then you shouldn’t spend another dollar on any type of marketing until you have one in place. The good news is that we are not talking about a highly complex marketing strategy that comes directly out of a Harvard MBA class, but a simple approach that can have a powerful impact on growing your business.

During this webinar our marketing director, Martin Morgan, takes you step by step through building a marketing strategy that you can use to make all of your marketing efforts more effective.

Key takeaways will include:
– A simple marketing strategy template
– How to define your target audience
– Why everything flows from customer pain points
– How to identify rock solid competitive advantages

This webinar will help you build a strong foundation for marketing success. If you’d like the template that Martin references in the webinar, please feel free to email him at