The Challenge of Finding & Keeping Motivated Technicians

Jan 29, 2024

If you had to choose between a day where half of your customers didn’t show up or a day where half of your staff didn’t, which would you pick?

For most shops, the second scenario is much scarier. The struggle to secure motivated technicians remains as challenging as it was two years ago. The undeniable truth is that the services of a skilled technician are in high demand. Without an ample number of technicians utilizing the space and equipment, it becomes difficult to make a shop profitable, even if the customers are loyal.


Finding Motivated Technicians

Prioritizing Customer Acquisition Over Technician Attraction

Despite the financial risks associated with understaffed shops, many managers tend to concentrate more on acquiring a steady flow of customers rather than attracting qualified technicians. This focus on customer influx may stem from the urgency of maintaining revenue. Boosting advertising and reaching out to past customers can yield short-term impacts. However, creating an appealing environment for technicians demands substantial time and effort, making it less attractive to managers who aren’t currently facing staffing shortages.

Anticipating Future Staffing Challenges

One cannot assume that staffing issues won’t arise in the future just because they haven’t occurred today. Unforeseen circumstances, sudden health issues, and immediate opportunities can lead to technicians leaving without ample notice. Building a culture that attracts and retains employees requires investment in growth opportunities, positive attitudes, and strong interpersonal relationships among coworkers. Without such a foundation, the standard two weeks’ notice may not be sufficient.

Beyond Traditional Employee Benefits

Being an attractive employer goes beyond offering competitive hourly pay, reliable hours, and benefits. According to a recent Gartner survey of 3,000 US employees, two-thirds of respondents stated they would leave their current job for a workplace with a stronger stance on social issues. Prospective employees now consider co-workers and work culture as crucial factors influencing job satisfaction, often more impactful than the nature of the work itself.

The Evolving Landscape of Job Interviews for Technicians

In the competitive market for technicians, job interviews have evolved. Now, selling your shop as an exceptional workplace is just as important as candidates selling their skills to you. Skilled technicians have abundant options, and candidates are willing to reject offers if they find issues with the interviewer, the company, or the work environment. As the dynamics of employment preferences change, creating an appealing work atmosphere is becoming a decisive factor in securing and retaining skilled technicians.


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