Repair Shop Websites Says Thank You to All 2,000 Customers

Nov 23, 2011

Leading Website Company Specializing in Automotive Repair Shops Exceeds 2,000 Active Customers Nationwide

November 22, 2011 – Since 2005, Repair Shop Websites has been providing a professional online presence to automotive repair shops across the nation. Today over 2,000 shop owners rely on Repair Shop Websites to deliver an effective, trouble free website. The website company has grown at a rapid pace, and is excited to serve each customer with no contracts or long term commitments!

On November 22, 2011, Protek Auto of Poland, OH ( became the 2,000th active customer to trust Repair Shop Websites for web services.

Since the launch of Repair Shop Websites in 2005, more and more people are using the Internet to make everyday decisions. While consumers are still frequenting auto repair shops to keep their cars on the road longer, they are searching for shops online and making decisions based on what they find on the Internet.

Repair Shop Websites has developed their product based on understanding what repair shops need and what their customers want. One of the unique aspects of Repair Shop Websites is that they completely manage all 2,000 plus websites and make updates at no additional charge. This benefit allows shop owners to focus on what’s happening under the hood of their customers’ vehicles and on the day to day operations of their business.

“For us, meeting the needs and wants of our customers has played a key part in our success. We make it easier on our customers because we know what works and what doesn’t work — so they don’t have to go in alone on the Internet,” says Vice President, Richard Benbow. “Also, at Repair Shop Websites, customer service is the number one priority. We listen to feedback and are constantly improving our product at no additional cost to our customers. In fact, we have never raised our price to a single customer. From the very beginning, our business model was built on managing thousands of shops, and that is one of our key strengths. We specialize in the automotive industry and provide the expertise an independent web designer just can’t offer. The independent designer may have a few dozen customers in fields as varied as florists to fast food restaurants. They just can’t provide the content, graphics & design features — let alone make changes and update the website as new design trends come along — for our low one-price-covers-all plan.”

Repair Shop Websites has no plans to slow down now that they have hit the 2,000 customer mark. They continue to make new feature announcements, including their latest offering, Search Engine Marketing. Visit to learn more about the growing North Carolina based company.