Repair Shop Websites and ClearMechanic Announce Strategic Partnership to Serve Independent Shops

Sep 8, 2011

Over 1,900 Independent Automotive Repair Shops to Receive Access to ClearMechanic Programs

Garner, NC – (September 8, 2011) Repair Shop Websites, a leading website provider for independent repair shops, has announced a strategic partnership with ClearMechanic, developer of visual explanation technology for automotive service centers.


Repair Shop Websites will offer custom access to ClearMechanic’s mobile application to over 1,900 clients, enabling each shop to capture high-quality photos of a customer’s vehicle and immediately post the photos online. Through its partnership with ClearMechanic, Repair Shop Websites clients can also feature expert illustration content next to each live vehicle photo.


Repair Shop Websites has been creating affordable and professional websites for shops since 2005 and their team of professionals is always looking to improve their service and stay ahead of competition. Adding ClearMechanic’s mobile application and Live Photo Gallery programs to their clients‟ websites, at no additional charge and at no hassle, is an example of their unique service and commitment to quality.


The ClearMechanic mobile application is currently available on all Android devices and will be released on the iPhone in early September.


“Our business philosophy at Repair Shop Websites is to under-sell and over-deliver services for long term customer satisfaction,” said Richard Benbow, Vice President of Repair Shop Websites. “Constantly revamping our product through partnerships is something that sets Repair Shop Websites apart from others. Because we ask for no contracts or long term commitments, our product has to be as dynamic and cutting-edge as today’s technology. Our websites have a history of leveling the playing field and allowing our shops to compete with anyone in their market. This is yet another tool to strengthen that position. I am glad that we can offer the “Freemium package” to every one of our customers at no additional cost. This is possible due to the arrangements we have with our partner ClearMechanic.”


Repair Shop Websites clients using ClearMechanic can also subscribe to several optional premium offerings. For more information, please contact Repair Shop Websites or ClearMechanic.


Ken Hite, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at ClearMechanic, notes that, “Repair Shop Websites provides a unique opportunity to work with a multitude of repair facilities. Our core philosophy at ClearMechanic is to address the primary concerns cited by consumers for not returning to a repair facility: 1) trust; 2) lack of communication between the repair facility and the consumer; and 3) lack of understanding by the consumer as to what the repair facility is recommending for repair.” Hite added, “Repair Shop Websites and ClearMechanic will work collectively to provide for transparency in automotive repair and validate repair recommendations with real time photos.”


About Repair Shop Websites:

Repair Shop Websites specializes in affordable websites and marketing practices that educate, engage, and entice our client’s current and prospective customers to choose their company time and time again. In just 10 to 15 minutes on the phone, Repair Shop Websites can have your company online and begin leveling the playing field with a website that uses cutting edge features, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization.


To learn more about Repair Shop Websites, go to or call 1-866-665-1605.


About ClearMechanic, Inc: ClearMechanic develops visual explanation technology for automotive dealerships and repair shops. Its flagship products include mobile applications, expert illustration content and web-based tools to “visually explain” repairs to customers. ClearMechanic has documented a 20-40% increase in success on additional service recommendations when customers are shown photos of their defective vehicle parts. ClearMechanic also owns a comprehensive database of 1,000 technical diagrams and illustrations explaining the location and function of vehicle parts and systems. All content has been approved by master technicians for accuracy.


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