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New Facebook 5 Star Ratings

November 12, 2013

Facebook may have recently moved your 5 star rating to underneath your company’s name. The ratings feature is not new, your fans have been able to leave reviews about your business for a while. It was located further down on the right side of your Facebook business page.

Take a look at the picture to see how your Facebook business page looks. Your page may not have this rating under you name yet because they are currently in the testing phase.

This new move could be good because it will take the focus away from how many likes your Facebook page has and focus more on the quality of your service or products.

This change could also hurt you because the rating scale is more prominent, so if you have bad ratings they will be seen right away and they might show up in searches or Facebook ads?

Just make sure your company provides excellent customer service and asks your customers to leave honest testimonials about the experience they had with your business. Customer reviews are important and can bring in new business.

In our 4th gear package customers can submit testimonials from your website and we can post to your Facebook business page for you. To learn more, contact us at 866-665-1605 Option 2.