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Introducing New Website Package – Pro+Engage

February 5, 2015

The internet is constantly changing, and there is so much you need to build your customer’s trust, and maximize your online reputation. Repair Shop Websites realized that this was a problem, and has developed the ultimate solution. The solution is the Pro+Engage website package.

The new features that highlight this package are call analytics, integrated reviews, and responsive website design.

  • Call analytics come with this package, and allow you to track phone calls coming directly from your website. You can listen to the phone calls, and manage your staff by evaluating their engagements with your customers.
  • Integrated Reviews allow your customers to submit reviews directly from your website, and spread the positive ones out across the internet. They can post the reviews on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, and more! Having five star reviews in more places than one will help you create a strong positive presence online.
  • Responsive Design means that your website will be mobile-friendly, and look great on devices of any size. This is important because Google is making mobile sites more visible than ever.

To learn more about Pro+Engage and maximize your online reputation, contact Repair Shop Websites today at 855-349-5289.