Do Online Directory Listings Matter for Auto Repair Shops?

Jan 23, 2024

What are online directory listings?

Online directory listings (also known as citations) are the backbone network of local businesses on the web. Google, Facebook, Bing and Yelp are some of the more well-known online directories. As an example, your Google Business Profile is a listing. There are many more directories across the web where businesses are listed.

These listings will include basic information about your shop like name, address and phone number. Many of them will include additional information like services, business description, years in business, etc. Some of them will include reviews, which they may generate on their platform or pull in from a different source like Yelp.

C and J Tire and Auto Repair on eBusinessPages

Why are online directory listings important?

The best way to answer this question is to break it up into two key audiences for your auto repair shop – Google and potential customers.


Google uses these listings as an online referral network. Like in real life, the more digital referrals you have the more positive signals that are sent to Google about the credibility of your business.

Google also uses these directory listings to compare and contrast the information they have about your business. This will directly impact the local search results for both your Google Business Profile and your website. As long as all of the information matches, you are good. However, inconsistencies and incorrect information can jeopardize your local search results in the Local Pack, Maps and organic search.

Potential Customers

Consumers use these online directories to find local businesses. In the past, these platforms used to hold more weight with listings like City Search and Foursquare significantly driving business. While they aren’t as frequently used these days, many of these directories still get significant traffic and they can be an untapped opportunity for you to connect with more potential customers.


We’ll cover one more thing for this question – niche opportunities. There are several online directories that cater to specific types of vehicles and/or utilization cases for vehicles. If you service that make (BMW) or use case (off-road), and especially if you specialize in servicing that make or use case, you want to be sure your shop has a listing in that directory.

What are the benefits of building and managing my auto repair shop’s online directory listings?

Actively managing your listings brings the following key benefits:

  • Clean up false information about your shop and ensure your listings stay accurate
  • Incorrect listings can cost you thousands of dollars a month. You can avoid this by correcting any inaccurate information and making sure that it stays that way.
  • Strengthen your position in search results
  • With more websites pointing to yours as a credible authority, Google is likely to boost your website up the ranks. Even if you are already toward the top of the rankings, this will solidify your advantage over the competition.
  • Grow your online reach
  • The more places your shop shows up, the bigger the net you have to catch potential customers.
  • Increase your local discoverability
  • Directories are built for local use. Ensure you are there when potential customers are utilizing these online directories.
  • Reinforce your reputation
  • When you show up in several places it builds your credibility with potential customers.

We can help you build, manage and correct your online directory listings. For more information call us today at 855-294-6397 or schedule a meeting with us!