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Be Their Solution – August 2011

August 25, 2011


“People pay to have problems solved.  I don’t care if the problem is boredom, inefficiency, poor decision making, or not being able to find your keys—problems sell.” ~Mike Figliuolo

When a consumer is browsing the web to find an automotive service and repair shop it is because they have a problem and they need a solution.  The problem may be they are unhappy with their last service elsewhere, they may be new to the area and are searching for a car care provider; they may be looking for pricing or troubleshooting for a particular vehicle situation.  When you have a website you are inviting customers and strangers into your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Will they find what they are looking for?  Will they feel comfortable there?


You tell customers they need to have their vehicle in alignment to get the best ride and save money on tires and fuel.  Your website needs to be in alignment as well with your customers and the community it serves. For example, if you serve an affluent neighborhood that prefers European cars your website should include all the amenities that your shop offers such as detailing.  We have one customer that refers to their detailing service as “a day spa for your car”.  Their site also includes all the meeting dates for these car aficionados so they keep the excitement alive.


If your customers and your community are experiencing the economy blues like most then you need to be ready with encouragement and solutions.  They aren’t going to be satisfied with a website that just showcases your mission statement, your awards or why you love cars or where you buy your parts.  They want to know how you can help them.  They want you to be a solution to their problem.


Encourage them by including photos of vehicles that have clocked in over 150,000 miles and are still going strong because the vehicle owner worked with your staff to keep it in tip top shape.  Emphasize that their car can reach that level too with some tender loving care. Taking care of their car saves them money on car payments, insurance and car repair.  You are the solution to giving your customers’ cars a long and healthy life.  You are the solution to saving them money.


If your customers are searching for bargains make sure your website has deals that they won’t receive in the mail, email or social media. It will give them a reason to keep coming back to your site.  You can also encourage them to sign up for special savings on your website that will go to their inbox.


You know your community, its demographics and psychographics.  Build on that to help consumers feel at home while visiting your website.


If you are not sure of your area’s demographics or psychographics, contact me and I’ll be glad to forward the information to you or tell you where to find it!  It is quick and easy and public information.

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