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5 Mistakes That Might Be Scaring Your Customers Away

August 29, 2013

When you first get a website you’re excited because it’s all about you and your shop. You want it to be perfect and have tons of information on it. You may forget in the process of putting everything possible on there, that it will overwhelm your website visitors.

Below are five mistakes to avoid when having a website:

1. I want it to look “Cool”

You get a website so your customers can learn about your business and be found. You want your website to stand out from the rest and look the best! The flashiness might draw your website visitor away from the important information. You need to think about your target market when designing a website. What information is important to them?

2. This Is Too Overwhelming I’m Leaving…

It happens all the time, business owners want to tell people everything about their business. They write pages and pages of information about their company history, products, services and more. Your website visitors are only looking for a few things when coming to your website. Your location, contact information, services and reviews. Having pictures on your website is great, but there is a limit for how many should be on there.  Make sure all of it is easy to find and easy to understand.

3. It looks bad on other devices

When you get a website make sure it looks good on all devices. It needs to look clean and professional on a computer, tablets and smart phones. Making it simple and easy to use will result in more business because the customers can get the information they need.

4. Not Gathering Their Contact Information

Some of the visitors that come to your website might not contact you about your services. You need to have a way on your website to gather their contact information. One way of doing this is by having a newsletter sign up. You will get lead information and be able to show them through the newsletter that you can help them with their problems.

5.  No Customer Reviews

Having customer reviews on your website is very important. Before making a decision on whether or not to do business with you, the customer wants to know about your reputation. Do your previous customers like you? Do you have repeat business? Did they have a positive experience? People will spend a lot of money to have their vehicle worked on, they need to make sure it’s done right.


Here at Repair Shop Websites we make sure that your website has all the important information on it, that it’s not overwhelming and we have features that are important to your customers. If you have questions about your website please call 866-665-1605 Option 2.