Google My Business – The “Key” To Search Engine Success

Sep 29, 2014

What is Google My Business?

Do you want to know how to connect with your customers online? Google My Business is a great way to connect your business with your customers, and help them find what they are looking for on Google. Repair Shop Websites can help you setup your Google My Business Page with our Pro+Connect Package.


Why is it important?

Google My Business is important because it will allow your customers to find your business on Google. Having this page completely and accurately filled out will boost your search rankings. Make sure your business name, phone number, hours, and your website are all filled out correctly.


Why 1-2 reviews a month are important:

When it comes to your Google My Business Page, reviews are very important. Positive reviews will give a boost to your search results.  Positive reviews will not only boost your ranking but also bring you more business.  Customer testimonials are key when it comes to driving business to your website and to your bays.


How to get reviews on your Google My Business Page:

  • Link to your website
  • Ask customers to leave honest reviews about their experience
  • Give your customers directions on how to leave a review
  • Hang up flyers in shop promoting your Google My Business Page


Please do not get your customers to leave reviews while in your place of business. Google has the ability to recognize the IP address, will see it as fraudulent reviews, and will punish you.


If you need help with your Google My Business Page, our Pro+Connect Package includes Google My Business Page setup. Please contact us today at 866-665-1605 to get started!