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New and Improved Contact Forms Are Now Available For Your Website!!!

April 1st, 2014

Attention Repair Shop Websites customers, we have listened to our customers’ requests and updated the website forms! Over the next week, we will be rolling out the new forms.

The forms will look more friendly, professional and be easier to fill out. Your customers will appreciate the small amount of time needed to fill out the forms, and how easy it will be to contact your shop. The contact forms on your website are used to help you bring in more business and for customer communication.

If your customers can’t reach your shop online, please contact us at 1-866-665-1605 Option 2.

Auto Repair Shop Appointment Requests

March 11th, 2014

Can your customers schedule appointments on your website?

You website should make it easier for customers to learn about your business and to know that your business exists. Your website also needs to provide important information (Name, Address, Times and Service) and it should allow customers to interact with your shop. As a repair shop you want to make it easier for your customers to contact you. One of the best ways to do this is by offering appointment requests on your website.

The appointment request feature gathers all the customer’s important information, so your shop has all they need to know about the customer and their issues. They can also schedule a time and date to bring in their vehicle. This feature makes it simple for your customers because they can quickly fill it out within minutes and bring you more business!

If you would like your customers to have the ability to schedule appointments online it is in the 2nd Gear Package. To learn more, please contact us at 1-866-665-1605 Option 2.


How Can I Find My Website?

March 5th, 2014

If you have a website and you are struggling to find it, then this article is for you. There are several ways to find your website but it also depends on the age of your website.

If you just had a website created, follow these steps:

1. Click in the address bar (The bar at the top of your internet browser where you see

2. Put your website URL in the address bar

3. Hit enter

If you have had a website for a while then it should be easy to find your website. All you will need to do is put your company name into the search bar and it should show up in the results. When you type in your shop name, it should show in more than one place. Especially,  if you are marketing your company correctly. You should see your Google Places Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Page and other directories with your business name. If you have not done this yet, then you are missing out on more opportunities for business. Your customers are on the internet and so is your competition.

If you need help with social media, our 4th gear package allows us to create and post to your Facebook Business Page. Please contact us at 866-665-1605 Option 2.

How To Keep Your Website Fresh

February 18th, 2014

Have you looked at your website lately? Does it have any pictures of your shop? Do you need to add new pictures?

Getting a website is important for your repair shop, but you need to do more than that to bring in new business. You need your website to reflect your shop’s image. Adding new pictures will help show your website visitors that you care about your business and it gives them an opportunity to learn more about your shop. If the website visitor can see who is working on their vehicle before coming in, they are more likely to trust your shop.

How can your website reflect your shop’s image?

  • Company Logo
  • Picture of the Front of the Shop
  • Picture of the Bays
  • Picture of the Waiting Area
  • Pictures of Employees
  • Pictures of Projects
  • Social Media
  • Testimonials
  • Associations

If you need to add a picture to your website or if you would like more information about our website package, please contact us at 855-349-5289.

Why You Need A Website

January 8th, 2014

Having a website for your repair shop is important if you want to attract new business and retain customers. Think of it this way; a customer is driving down the road and their vehicle starts smoking. They then pull over to the side of the road. They grab their smart phone and go straight to the internet.  Once online they go to Google and type in auto repair or car repair in their city, state. They need help right away so whatever shop they see first on the search engine will be getting a phone call. Don’t you want your repair shop to be the one that they call?

Here are some reasons why you need a website for your repair shop:

  • Attract New Customers
  • 24/7 Advertising
  • Beat The Competition
  • Mobile Devices
  • Reach Wider Audience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Build Relationships
  • Convenient
  • Professional
  • To Show That You Exist

If you would like to learn more about your website or if you need a website, you can go to

New Facebook 5 Star Ratings

November 12th, 2013

Facebook may have recently moved your 5 star rating to underneath your company’s name. The ratings feature is not new, your fans have been able to leave reviews about your business for a while. It was located further down on the right side of your Facebook business page.

Take a look at the picture to see how your Facebook business page looks. Your page may not have this rating under you name yet because they are currently in the testing phase.

This new move could be good because it will take the focus away from how many likes your Facebook page has and focus more on the quality of your service or products.

This change could also hurt you because the rating scale is more prominent, so if you have bad ratings they will be seen right away and they might show up in searches or Facebook ads?

Just make sure your company provides excellent customer service and asks your customers to leave honest testimonials about the experience they had with your business. Customer reviews are important and can bring in new business.

In our 4th gear package customers can submit testimonials from your website and we can post to your Facebook business page for you. To learn more, contact us at 866-665-1605 Option 2.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

September 27th, 2013

1. Internet presence – the world has changed and most people do everything online.
2. Its 2013
3. Save time fielding calls about “where are you located?”, “do you do brake work?”, “do you take appointments?”
4. Give your business a “face” for customers and potential customers to recognize and trust.
5. Advertising – offer specials consumers today are looking for ways to save money.
6. Phone Books are Dead!
7. Drive more customers to your business.
8. Professional
9. Beat the Competition – help you gain competitive advantage over your competitors by being listed on search engines.
10. It can be instantly changed to reflect your business as it changes/grows.

Having a website is essential these days if you want to attract new customers and maintain customers. Think of it this way; a potential customer is driving down the road and their check engine light comes on. They then decide that they should pull over to the side of the road. They pick up their smart phone and go straight to the internet.  Once online they go to a search engine and type in auto repair or car repair in their city, state. They are desperate so whatever shop comes up on the first page of the search engine they are going to call. Don’t you want your repair shop to be the one that they call?

If you would like to learn more about your website or if you need a website, you can go to

5 Mistakes That Might Be Scaring Your Customers Away

August 29th, 2013

When you first get a website you’re excited because it’s all about you and your shop. You want it to be perfect and have tons of information on it. You may forget in the process of putting everything possible on there, that it will overwhelm your website visitors.

Below are five mistakes to avoid when having a website:

1. I want it to look “Cool”

You get a website so your customers can learn about your business and be found. You want your website to stand out from the rest and look the best! The flashiness might draw your website visitor away from the important information. You need to think about your target market when designing a website. What information is important to them?

2. This Is Too Overwhelming I’m Leaving…

It happens all the time, business owners want to tell people everything about their business. They write pages and pages of information about their company history, products, services and more. Your website visitors are only looking for a few things when coming to your website. Your location, contact information, services and reviews. Having pictures on your website is great, but there is a limit for how many should be on there.  Make sure all of it is easy to find and easy to understand.

3. It looks bad on other devices

When you get a website make sure it looks good on all devices. It needs to look clean and professional on a computer, tablets and smart phones. Making it simple and easy to use will result in more business because the customers can get the information they need.

4. Not Gathering Their Contact Information

Some of the visitors that come to your website might not contact you about your services. You need to have a way on your website to gather their contact information. One way of doing this is by having a newsletter sign up. You will get lead information and be able to show them through the newsletter that you can help them with their problems.

5.  No Customer Reviews

Having customer reviews on your website is very important. Before making a decision on whether or not to do business with you, the customer wants to know about your reputation. Do your previous customers like you? Do you have repeat business? Did they have a positive experience? People will spend a lot of money to have their vehicle worked on, they need to make sure it’s done right.


Here at Repair Shop Websites we make sure that your website has all the important information on it, that it’s not overwhelming and we have features that are important to your customers. If you have questions about your website please call 866-665-1605 Option 2.

New Mobile Version for Your Repair Shop Website!

June 14th, 2013

We are excited about the new, customer friendly mobile version of your website!

The new design looks very professional, clean and displays a lot of information about your shop. All of the added features and the new look will make it easier for your customers to learn more about your business and contact you!

Some of the new features on the new mobile version include:

  • Shop picture – allows the visitor to see your shop and get more familiar with your business.
  • Social Media – connect with customers and gain new followers.
  • Coupons – advertise and bring in business.
  • List of Services – showing the visitor if you can fix their vehicle.

Having a website that is compatible with phones, tablets and other mobile devices is a key business practice today. Not only will your site look good on their phone, it will be easy for the consumer to take action by contacting you or scheduling an appointment. Provide your community with an easy way to find your shop and contact you.

If you already have a mobile website with us, check out the new mobile version on your smart phone or tablet. If you don’t and would like to learn more, please call 1-866-665-1605 Option 2 or email us at


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Personalize Your Business Website

June 11th, 2013

What to Put On Your Repair Shop Website

You can only read this if you have a website, if you don’t have one… get one! I would recommend our website services, if you need one. This article is going to be about what to do with your website.

Congratulations you have successfully done the first step in creating an online presence for your business. Your website is the main marketing tool for your repair shop, you need to use it and abuse it.

The most important thing to do is to personalize your website so it uniquely reflects your repair shop’s brand image. You need to show your customers or potential customers what your repair shop is all about. Customers don’t want a generic looking website from the past; they might think your shop is closed or not professional.


Here are some ways to personalize your website:

  • Shop Logo
  • Shop Pictures
  • Services offered
  • Shop Hours
  • Contact Information

All of the above items are important to your repair shop’s online professional appearance.

The shop logo creates a brand image for your customer that they will remember.  If they read about your shop online or go on your website, the brand logo will stick in their brain. It will help if they need their car repaired and they drive by your shop.

The pictures help to add richness to your content and are eye catching. Some photos you need to put on your website are: pictures of the shop, the employees that work there and community service activities. Images are the most shared information on the internet. The pictures help to create the image of a safe and friendly atmosphere for your repair shop.

Your website is also used for convenience and for information.  The list of services offered on your website will show the customers if you can or can’t fix their vehicle. You need to make sure that you have all of the services that you provide on your website. If you have all of your services listed, then your customers can see it and search engines can see it.

Customers need to know when your shop is open or closed, so having your hours of operation on your website is essential for bringing in business. Make sure the days and hours are accurate.

Contact information is one the most important types of information on your website. The initial contact between the customer and repair shop is the final step before the business. You need to provide your customers with information on how to get in touch with your repair shop. Make sure your phone number, and email address are correct.

Start personalizing your website today with the information I just gave you. Do not wait, your customer won’t wait and will go elsewhere.   Now, look at your website, go over the list I gave you above. Make sure you have all of that information on your website and make sure it is correct. If you are a customer of ours and you notice that your website is missing information or if it is incorrect, please contact us at 1-866-665-1605 option 2.