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Make more on every tire sale while giving customers extra protection




Sonsio and Repair Shop Websites are partnering to help you make more money on every tire sale while giving your customers extra protection on their purchase.

There are over 5 million road hazard tire issues in the US every year! Sonsio’s TITAN Road Hazard Protection is the best road hazard program in the market. The TITAN Road Hazard Protection program provides nationwide coverage for your customer and helps you:

– Generate immediate income
– Eliminate financial and legal risk
– Drive repeat business

Sonsio makes everything easy for you, the repair shop owner, including:

– Selling to customers
– Training your staff on the program
– Giving clear guidance when a customer makes a claim

Watch the videos below for additional information on the TITAN Road Hazard Protection program:

Sonsio Road Hazard Protection Programs


What is a Road Hazard and What is Not – Road Hazard Program Training Video

Assume the Sale – Road Hazard Program Training Video

When Repair Shop Websites customers sign up for Sonsio’s TITAN Road Hazard Protection program we will create a page on their website to highlight the benefits of the program. The page will include this video:

If you are a Repair Shop Websites customer that is ready to provide your customers protection for the all too frequent road hazard issues and to make more money from your tire sales, call us today at 866-665-1605.


Repair Shop Websites does a fantastic job. My company has been a customer of Repair Shop Websites for more than six years. They have been instrumental in building our online presence from nothing up to a steady source of new customers.

Joss Tribble, Vandervert Automotive

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