Recruiting, Hiring and Keeping Auto Repair Techs

Recruiting and keeping great technicians is harder than it ever has been. The automotive industry is facing an overwhelming need for new technicians and there are simply not enough to fill that need. So, what can you do to succeed in recruiting the talent you need to be a high performing shop?

The team at Repair Shop Websites has created a great deal of content in all formats to provide insights and tips on how to set your shop apart from the others when it comes to recruiting top talent. To be successful in recruiting you cannot consider it an event or “set it and forget it” type activity. As a shop owner or a shop manager you have to “always be recruiting.”

We’ve highlighted several strategies to take your recruiting efforts to the next level and to keep your best employees, as well. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to keep technicians that have done great work for you through the years, check out the resources below to uncover ideas to help you achieve your human resources goals.

How to Recruit Techs

Do you already have candidates in mind for when the time comes to fill your next open position? One of the most important things you can be doing as a shop owner or shop manager is to continue recruiting even after you have every role filled at your shop. That doesn’t mean you continue to advertise positions that you don’t have open. But, you should still have your eyes and ears open for potential candidates, and even meet with them informally to check for a potential fit.

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How to Hire Techs 

Recruiting is just the start of bringing new talent into your shop. After you’ve determined you have common interests with a potential employee the process of hiring begins. Price is a factor in any competitive market, but salary won’t be the only thing that matters for the majority of top candidates. Work environment, benefits, a sense of community, flexibility, perks, opportunities for growth and more all matter.

The key to putting together a good hiring package is to understand the person and what matters most to them. With that information you can modify the package to build an offer that fits just what they are looking for – or at least most of the way there.

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How to Keep Techs

The hard work isn’t over once you hire a tech that’s the perfect fit for your shop. A great way to keep your techs is to recognize their hard work and reward them in ways that are important to them.

Stay close to them and show you care. Don’t forget, situations change. What may have been most important to them when you hired them may no longer be as important. Work hard to understand their needs and wants, as well as their career aspirations.

Use the blogs and recordings below to help you excel at employee retention!

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How to Mentor Techs

Do you ever feel like you need to clone yourself to get everything done? One of the best tips we received from successful shop owners was to meet techs where they are and mentor them to be an asset.

Whether you’re looking to grow your shop or take some work off your plate, mentoring your techs, especially those with high potential, is the best way to improve your shop’s operations.

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