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Best Infographics of 2019

December 30, 2019

It’s been an eventful year in the automotive world, but the big story hasn’t changed for independent automotive repair shops.  Successful shops understand their customers, understand their community, and understand how to run a profitable business.  Our most popular infographics of the year reflect the reality that auto repair shop owners are trying to better understand all three.  Here are our most popular infographics of 2019!

Five Steps to Becoming Known For Auto Repair In Your Community

When you open a new shop, it can take years for locals to think of you when they hear the words auto repair. But there are steps you can take to increase your visibility and memorability, which will speed this process up considerably. This infographic provides five of the most effective techniques to become known more quickly.

Boosting Customer Confidence

Most people don’t know enough about cars to know the difference between a great repair job and a subpar one.  Unfortunately, a large part of a customer’s perception of the quality your shop provides comes down to their confidence in your knowledge and professionalism.

When customers see (or hear) something that causes them to doubt the quality of your work, they are less likely to be satisfi­ed with that work – even if it was exceptional. Learn how to maintain the appearance of an experienced, high-caliber shop by reading this infographic.

2019 Automotive Repair Shop Customer Survey: Key Findings

We surveyed 600 auto repair shop customers to learn how they choose what shop to go to and what keeps them coming back.  This infographic covers the most important findings of our research.  The most exciting part of this research is that customers of independent auto repair shops are happier with their shops than customers of franchises or dealerships!

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