Repair Shop Advice

Are Your Repair Shop Customers Confused?

October 23, 2013

Are your customers having a difficult time finding accurate information about your repair shop online? Do you have more than one business name or address? You need to make sure that your information is correct and easy to find for your customers!

NAME (List Your Business Name)

I know it sounds simple, but please state the name of your business.  “The Name of my business is (fill in the blank).  The Name of my business is “Repair Shop Websites.”  On the front of my store, it says “Repair Shop Websites.”  On my business cards, it says “Repair Shop Websites.”  On my answering machine, it says “Repair Shop Websites.”  You get the point?  Whatever you named your business, simply use it.  So many times we run into situations where a business owner will say the name of my business is “East Coast Solutions.”  You call them up and the phone says, “Hi, you have reached Joe’s where we find east coast solutions for you.  Imagine having a great conversation with someone telling you all about East Coast Solutions, and they give you a business card that reads, “Joe’s.”   This confusion happens all of the time.  In a human interaction, you will not trust the owner or person.  Search engines treat them the same way.  They distrust them and punish their search listings.

ADDRESS (Tell People Your address)

My business, Website Help, is physically located at 123 Easy Street in Garner, NC.  Anywhere I list my address on the World Wide Web, it should read 123 Easy Street Garner, NC.   I provide a service that can truly help people all over NC and in neighboring states, so how will people in Durham, Raleigh, Apex, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina find me?  The way not to do it is by listing an address for Website Help in Durham, Raleigh, Apex, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina.  If your brick and mortar are at 123 Easy Street Garner, NC then list it as that address.  You confuse Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the search engines when you try to game the system.  Here is a great way to see how this works:  Invite a stranger to your house, find out where they live, give them your real address, and as a convenience, provide them with an address close to where they live.  It will be easier for them to find you in a place they are familiar with, right?  Absolutely not!  The stranger and even a friend will be extremely confused.  How do you think the search engines react when they see multiple address listings for one business?   Just list the address where your shop is located.  If you move, change it!!!

If you are having a hard time getting your repair shop info on the internet, call us at 866 665 1605.  We have multiple solutions designed to help your budget while growing your business.