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What Is the Big Picture Goal of Your Auto Repair Shop?

September 25th, 2019

Some repair shop owners start out with big goals.  For many, however, the goal of owning a shop instead of working at someone else’s isn’t a world-changing one.  Some owners don’t enjoy working for someone else or think they could do a better job themselves.  Other people just enjoy building things from scratch instead of following someone else’s directions.

In the early days of any business, the best goal is the one that gives you the motivation to get out of bed every morning and work longer than everyone else.  It’s extremely hard to start a business.  One of the hardest parts of owning a business is having to do a bunch of work you don’t want to do – taxes, financials, and complying with HR laws take up more time than anyone wants.

But once you get to a point where you have a steady flow of customers and keeping the business running doesn’t take every bit of energy you have, it’s a good idea to consider what the big picture goal of your shop is.

Of course, your day-to-day goals will be similar to those of other shops.  You want to provide great vehicle service and customer service.  You want to provide a good living for your employees that allows them to enjoy their jobs and their families.  You want to make a profit, and build a management structure that allows you to step out of the shop (at least) a few times a year for vacation and other obligations.

But beyond auto repair, why does your shop exist?  Do you want to keep it small, and use the company as a vehicle to contribute to your community?  Do you want to continue to grow it, and use that growth to provide growth opportunities for the employees who have been with you since the early days?  Do you want to use your company profits to support a social or religious cause that means a lot to you and your employees?

Most people don’t just go to work to pay their bills.  They want co-workers they like, work they enjoy, and the opportunity to grow.  They want to contribute to their workplaces, but they also want their workplaces to contribute to them, and to causes they care about.  Having a business that supports a purpose beyond its own profitability will motivate you to succeed.  It should also motivate your current staff members and attract the staff who are focused on the needs of others rather than themselves.

It can also attract customers. According to a study by Clutch, 68% of people value businesses that contribute to their local community.  Customers want to know that their money is going to someone who cares about them and their community.  It’s a major reason people support independent businesses, and a core part of “Shop Small” marketing.

Does your business have a stated purpose beyond profitability?  How will its growth lead to better outcomes for your employees, your community, and to the causes you care about most?  If you haven’t stated this explicitly, you might be surprised how much of a positive effect it might have on your business!

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Burhans Auto Service – Your German Car Specialist!

September 25th, 2019

In Hagerstown, Maryland is the perfect shop to take your vehicle. They are the German car specialist including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, and Volvo! Some of their services include oil changes, tires, engine maintenance, transmissions and much more. Stop by the shop at 422 S Burhans Blvd or call them at 240-513-6200.

Utz Tire Service of Arcade, Inc. / Your One Stop Tire Shop!

September 20th, 2019

Utz Tire Service of Arcade, Inc. is the best place in Arcade, NY for new and used tires. It does not matter if you need winter tires, or all season tires, these guys are here to help. They have been established since 1996 and their customers have nothing but great things to say about them. They also offer other services such as brake repair, alignments, electric and hybrid vehicle repair and much more. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to give them a call at 585-492-2000, they are always ready to help. If you are near by stop by the shop at 688 W. Main St Arcade, NY and check out their tire selection on hand.

AnA Tire & Automotive | Your Community Auto Center!

September 17th, 2019

Houston Texas is a really big city but there is one small gem that calls this huge place home and that is Ana Tire & Automotive. One of the most important things to these guys is their community and the people in it. They offer free WiFi for all their customers and they also have a nice little play area so your kids will be comfortable as well. Among the services they offer are alignments, brake repair, oil changes, and engine diagnostics. If you are nearby and in need of any of these services or more give them a call at 713-741-4555 or stop by the shop at 3556 Old Spanish Tr Houston, TX.

Ride Sharing: an Auto Repair Business Opportunity?

September 17th, 2019

Ride-sharing companies have finally hit the peak of the business world, with both Uber and Lyft becoming publicly-traded companies this year.  Granted, that process wasn’t a smooth one for them.  Nonetheless, there are literally millions of people who drive for Uber or Lyft in the US either for extra cash or as a full-time job.

And the pay isn’t good.  While drivers make around $20 to $25 per hour, that number drops to around $8 after you factor in expenses, including gas and vehicle wear and tear.  There’s a lot these drivers can’t control;  they can’t control the price of gas, how much a customer tips them, or how much Uber or Lyft takes from every drive (more than 30% of the ride price, on average).  One thing they can control is vehicle maintenance.

Because Uber and Lyft drivers use their vehicles to make money, it doesn’t make any sense for them to push for a short-term fix; they don’t make any money when their vehicle is in the shop, and they put a lot of miles on the vehicle each week.  It also doesn’t make sense for them to use the cheapest mechanic in town, for the same reasons.

What they need is a good, honest shop that can affordably keep their vehicle running for as long as possible despite the heavy usage.  And if they are a full-time rideshare driver, the odds are good that they will need to visit their auto repair shop often.  If that sounds like a good customer for your shop, then you might consider targeting Uber or Lyft drivers with advertisements or promotions.

Ratchet and Wrench reports that some independent shops offer Uber and Lyft-specific inspections, or even promote driving for the ride-sharing services within the shop.  The chain repair shops are getting into the game, too.  Pep Boys offers free inspections and reduced prices for Lyft drivers, while Uber drivers get discounts at Firestone, Maaco, and many other chain repair shops and parts providers.

Not all shops will be a great fit for Uber and Lyft drivers – specialty import shops and luxury repair, for instance, are most often a bad fit for most rideshare drivers.  But if you’re a general automotive shop and you’re looking for long-term, frequent-flyer customers, ridesharing promotions might just fit the bill.

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Dylan’s Automotive / Maintain. Diagnose. Repair!

September 13th, 2019

Dylan’s Automotive is here to help with all your auto repair needs. Their goal is to help you maintain a reliable working vehicle and diagnose any issue you are having with your vehicle. Most of all they want to help with your repairs, after all they are an auto repair shop. Located in the Ventura California area where there is a lot of competition in the auto repair industry there’s has to be a reason why their customers love them so much. They specialize in brake repairs, timing belts, and radiators, but they do so much more. Give them a call at 805-653-8000 if you have questions, or stop by the shop at 1084 E. Thompson Blvd #B Ventura, CA if you are in need of immediate assistance.

C N G Auto, LLC / Quality Care Auto Services!

September 11th, 2019

If you are looking for quality auto services in the Pensacola Florida area look no further because C N G Auto, LLC is here for all your auto needs. They have been making a name for themselves for the last two years and have gained the trust and approval of their community. A short list of the services they provide include alignments, collision repair, brake repair, fleet services, auto a/c services and much more. Don’t take our word for it, stop by their shop today and see for yourself why they are the best choice, 113 Massachusetts Ave Pensacola, FL or give them a call if you have any questions 850-471-8811.

Patterson Performance Inc. / Helping Maintain Your Vehicle!

September 11th, 2019

Here at Patterson Performance Inc. we take pride in making sure your vehicle is safe to drive for your family. We are one of the best kept secrets Raleigh North Carolina has when it comes to top notch auto repairs. We offer a number of different services including brake repair, alignments, inspections, tires and much more. You will not be disappointed with our work and we are here if you need any advice. Please give us a call if you have any questions at 919-246-4825 or stop by our shop if you are in need of immediate assistance 1405 Ollie St Raleigh NC.

Boosting Customer Confidence

September 10th, 2019

When customers see (or hear) something that causes them to doubt the quality of your work, they are less likely to be satisfied with that work – even if it was exceptional. Click here to learn how to maintain the appearance of an experienced, high-caliber shop.

Friendship Paint and Body Shop / Your Car Will Be As Good As New!

September 9th, 2019

If you are in Stone Mountain Georgia and have recently been in a car accident and feel the need for collision repair services give Friendship Paint and Body Shop a call. They specialize in collision repair services and they are waiting to serve you. They can assist you with just about any auto body, paint, refinishing repairs you may need. Give them a call today at 770-978-9099 or visit their main location 6184 Memorial Dr Stone Mountain, GA today.