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Beechwood Automotive LLC- Quality Repair in Holland Michigan!

September 30th, 2015

Beechwood Automotive, LLC has been serving  Holland, Michigan since 2000! They provide motorists with the best service to get you on the road fast while going the extra mile! Their services include brakes, towing, transmissions, and engine maintenance. Come on by 4600 136th Ave, or call 616-399-6522 to set up your appointment today!


Garman’s Garage Inc.-Top Quality Repair in Lititz, PA!

September 30th, 2015

You can’t go wrong at Garman’s Garage Inc. ! The have the friendliest & most knowledgeable mechanics around Lititz, PA. You gotta stop in and check out the new customer lounge! C’mon, stop by 306 Newport Rd, Lititz, PA today! Or call to schedule an appointment 717-626-5706.

Nereson’s Big Lot Service Center – The Best Auto Repair Service Center in Moorhead, MN

September 28th, 2015

Nereson’s Big Lot Service Center is an auto repair center located in Moorhead, Minnesota. Since 1990, they have been providing quality automotive service and vehicles to the Moorhead area. Their technicians can work on everything from oil changes to transmission work. For the best automotive service, come on by 2500 2nd Ave N or call them at 218-291-1682.

Fort Salonga Shell- Come for Quality Gas & Repairs!

September 28th, 2015

Fort Salonga Shell is the most complete auto repair shop in Northport, NY. The certified mechanics at 15416 NY-25 have built a strong auto repair reputation around their honesty, quality, and hard work. With years of service, you will not find a better auto repair shop or one dedicated to the care of your vehicle. Call 631-757-3077 for an appointment. You can also drop by to fill up on one of their gas pump and convenience store!

Glenwood Automotive-Your local Napa Auto Care Center

September 28th, 2015

Glenwood Automotive is your local one stop shop for General Automotive Services, as well as Parts & Fleet Repair! Come by 1333 Yarmouth Ave #3, Boulder, CO 80304 for the best service in town! Call for parts availability or to schedule an appointment today at 3003-444-4544!

M & M Truck Center-Family Owned & Operated!

September 28th, 2015

M & M Truck Center is a family owned & operated truck service & repair Fleet Care facility in Lincolnton, NC. They offer heavy, medium and light duty truck and trailer repair. They accept COMDATA, EFS, & FleetOne checks & towing is available! Stop by  110 North Park Lane, Licolnton, NC 28092 today for all of your Fleet service & repair needs or give them a call at 704-748-9211.

Bobby’s Enterprises- Best Auto Shop in North Carolina!

September 2nd, 2015

Bobby’s Enterprises has been serving  Nashville, North Carolina since 1971! They provide motorists with the best service to get you on the road fast while going the extra mile! Their services include brakes, towing, transmissions, and engine maintenance. Come on by 6298 Land Rd, or call 252-459-7242 to set up your appointment today!


How to Get Repeat Business for Your Automotive Repair Shop

September 1st, 2015

I had a great conversation the other day with John Aldridge who owns A &A Tire and Auto Service in Indianapolis, Indiana. He runs a very successful automotive repair shop because he does a great job with repeat customers. But how does he get repeat business?

When speaking to John he told me how he does it and I want to share his message with you. He said, “I get repeat customers because three days after they leave our shop, I give them a call to see how everything is going.” This is a great example of customer service. It shows that you care about them and their vehicle. This also gives your shop another opportunity to talk to the customer to see if they have any other vehicles that they need serviced.

If you aren’t doing this already, give it a try. This could help boost your shop’s reputation online along with our TopShop Integrated Reviews Platform. If you wish to learn more about our powerful review platform, contact us at 866-665-1605.

Automotive Repair Shop Marketing – How to Win Female Customers

September 1st, 2015

We wrote a post a while back about how women prefer going to the dentist over an automotive repair shop. This was because an overwhelming 83% of women surveyed felt that they were overcharged for their service.

If you want your automotive repair shop to grow you need change how women perceive your business. You can do this by making your website look female-friendly. But how can you use your website to earn their business and change this view?

The pictures on your website need to showcase your shop as being clean and friendly. Your website should have pictures of a clean waiting area, a female staff member or a happy female customer.

You need to also add customer reviews from females to your website. This will help build trust with the customer knowing that you have already provided excellent service to another female.

Having a presence on social media is another thing you can do for your shop. Posting car care tips on social media websites like Facebook can help build your shop’s credibility, because it shows you care about their vehicle. We can help you do this with our Pro+Connect package.

If you need your website updated, Repair Shop Websites can help your shop become more female-friendly. All changes to your website are FREE! Contact us today at 866-665-1605.

How to Get Your Automotive Repair Shop Website Ready for the Fall Season

September 1st, 2015

The Summer is coming to an end, and the Fall is on its way. This means that the cooler temperatures are drawing closer, and that this is the perfect time to start revamping your website.  If you updated your website for the Summer, you are most likely still promoting services that are related to A/C repair. You will need to get that changed before Fall gets here because those services aren’t relevant with the season.

So what can you do to update your website for the Fall?

  1. Pick out a new website design. A new design will give your shop a fresh look, show your customers that that you care about their online experience, and that you’re professional.
  2. Add new call-to-action buttons. Call-to-actions should be added that will help promote services that keep your customer’s vehicles performing at an optimal level this fall.
  3. Update your coupons. Run promotions and specials for back to school or “winterizing” your vehicle.
  4. Add new pictures.  Keep your website fresh by adding new pictures. Have you done any updates recently to your shop?
  5. Add new product logos. Promote new products this Fall by adding their logos to your website.

If you do these few updates, your website will be ready for the Fall and you will have a leg up on the competition. If you have questions or if you need any changes done, please contact us at 866-665-1605.